A Day Without The Internet

Spending a day without using the internet in the slightest was a tremendous challenge. I am used to waking up, turning off my alarm and in the process, glancing at the weather info that shows up on my lockscreen- courtesy of Google and of course, the internet.

Now, it stands to reason that I should’ve chosen a holiday for this, but procrastination and rampant curiosity led me to forsaking the internet on a Wednesday. Those familiar with the time-table of IT IV-A would know that Wednesday is in fact, the busiest day of our week. I wanted this article to encourage people to spend a day as such, to tell them that forsaking the internet for even a day gave me endless peace and connected me to Mother Nature. Instead, I shall spare you the sanctimony, and tell you that spending a day without the internet in the information age is idiotic.

To start off, I rushed to Mass Comm. at 9 AM, running all the way because I was late and found out that the class had been cancelled. A fact I would’ve been aware of, had I only bothered to keep my internet turned on. After cursing my luck, and trudging all the way to the Old Mess, I had an iced tea and promptly ended being 10 minutes late to my Economics class, not worried in the slightest because the teacher is ever so sweet and allows people to sit even if they’re 20 minutes late.

Guess what? Economics class wasn’t just cancelled. Oh no, sir! It was replaced with RDBMS, a class notorious for not tolerating latecomers.

After many tears and much begging, I was allowed into class, doomed to doodle on the back page of my notebook because scrolling through my news feed on Facebook would be using the internet and I had resolved to not use the internet. That is how the day went till 1 PM. Teachers came and went, and I? I tried to draw Harry Potter catching the snitch.

As the clock struck lunch hour, I was happy to finally find some respite in the form of food. Until, fate, once again, reared it’s ugly head and informed me, that using Paytm to pay for your food was also, in fact, using the internet. So I plodded down the stairs of the Mess to the ATM, which after much whirring and consideration, spit out a couple hundred bucks which I used to buy Poha and Chai, decidedly not information age foods.

Post lunch, the teachers and I fell back into our routines. Them wondering if teaching a class as uninterested as us was worth the joy (or the money) they got from it and me wondering if I should make the snitch’s wings have three prominent feathers or four.

Thoroughly defeated by this excercise, I went to my room, changed into comfier clothes and went to my theatre practice, the only place where I was unaffected because our Assistant Director takes away our phones at the beginning of every practice and returns it after we’ve sold her our soul- um, after we’re done with the practice, that is.

After dinner, which I paid for in cash, mind you, I came to my room and sat down to write this piece. I apologise for any spelling mistakes, because I have been reliably informed that using spellcheck on Google Docs, in fact, using the internet!

Spending a day without the internet in the information age is idiotic.


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